Casino and Poker: An Intro

While poker and three card casino poker share a similar name, the way they are played is quite different. Regular poker is played between a group of 2-10 players and doesn’t involve the player competing against the house. Three card poker is a game where a player is dealt three cards and must decide whether to surrender their ante or challenge the dealer’s holding.

The game starts off with a player making an ante bet. This bet must meet the table minimum which is usually between $5 and $10. At this point the player is also permitted to make an optional pair plus bet which pay outs an additional bonus if a player makes a particular hand.

Once these bets have been placed the dealer deals three cards to the casino player and three to themselves. At this point the player must examine their cards and decide whether they want to surrender or face the dealer’s hand.

Surrendering forfeits any previous bet made and signals the start of a new hand. If a player wishes to take on the dealer then they must make an additional play bet that’s equal to their original ante bet. Once this process has been completed the dealer reveals their hand and if they hold queen high or better their hand qualifies. If this doesn’t happen then the player wins the hand and is paid at out a ratio of 1:1.

However, if the dealer has a strong enough hand to play then the result is determined by whoever has the best cards according to the game’s payout table.

The best hands you can make are as follows:

• Royal Flush

• Straight Flush

• Four of a kind

• Flush

• Straight

• Three of a kind

• Two Pair

• Pair

• Ace high or less

Three card poker is a great game to play and involves a large amount of skill compared to other table games such as casino war or roulette.