Golden Jaguar Slot Game

The Golden Jaguar Slot Game

This game went live in November 2010. What is great about Golden Jaguar online slots, are the wild symbols. The most valuable symbol as it rewards with the highest payout when you get five Golden Jaguar on a payline. If you are looking for a video slots game with an innovative format and massive winning potential, look no further.

golden-jaguar-slotThe game has unique free spins, during the free spin mode if you get the bonus symbol on three reels you will double your free spins. You can get up to 91 Free Spins which is pretty amazing for a slots game. With only the one bonus feature this isn’t the feature game slots, but with the big amount of wild symbols that you can get in the screen, this slot is a secret big payout game. Other multipliers are two times, three times, four times or five times. Other slots with more additional games have pretty much the same chance of hitting a big win. Stacked Wild Symbols appear on all 5 reels or when all reels are full of Golden Jaguars, you win unbelivable 37,500 coins.

• 5-Reel
• 50 Lines
• Bet per Line: 11
• Coins: $0.02 – $0.50
• Max Bet: $175
• Wild: Yes
• Multipliers: Yes
• Scatter: Yes
• Free Spins: Yes
• Bonus Game: Yes
• Double Up: No
• 97.35% Player Percentage Return

Unfortunately, the jackpot isn’t quite as large as most progressive jackpot players would like it to be in this game, still 6,000€ isn’t less for a jackpot. Online slots has also seen something of a revamp in the online world and it’s a challenging alternative to video poker or blackjack. Play golden jaguar slots now, or poker slots is also on offer so you can test your skills on the virtual felt. There are plenty of ways to win!

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