Safari Madness Slot Game

Safari Madness is a slot game machine that consists of 9 reels with 8 lines. This means that there are available eight lines and nine spinning reels to use in forming the winning combinations. In this game, once the reel stops, the computer will start to check for the symbol combinations. It is a slot machine that was developed by Net Entertainment, which can be played using real money or none at all. The amount needed to play this game is from 0.10 euro dollars up to 0.20 euro dollars per line bet. Player can bet up to maximum payout of 3,000 times of the line bet.

If a person has never experienced play this kind of slot machine, he must take extra care of the wager because if he hits the “Bet Max” button, the machine will wager up to 8 coins each payline, and this makes the game more exciting!

Betting Process

safari madnessWinning is possible from any of the three horizontal and vertical lines as well as to diagonal lines. However, the player can choose of how many lines he likes to bet on. This can be done by clicking the button “Single line”. On the other hand, he can give a bet on all the line at the same time using the button “All lines”. If the player wants to undo his bet, he can just click the button “Clear Bets”.

The total bet can be as much as 64 coins but cannot exceed beyond the said amount. This bet is equal to the product of 8 lines bet and 8 lines played. The player can also make a maximum bet on different lines he will choose. Then, he can start the bet using the button “Bet Max”.

Safari Guide Symbol

The scatter symbol for this game is named Safari Guide symbol. If the player gets two to nine Safari symbols, he will be paid accordingly. The payouts are based on the pay table of the game. Scatter symbols are symbol that do not follow any arrangement in a payline. The winnings in the Scatter round are added to the total payline winnings.

Skill Stop

Skill Stop Feature is different from the usual features of other slot game. This is also developed by New Entertainment, which is the casino software that made the gaming package. The function of this feature is to stop the moving reel by clicking the button labeled “Spin Button”. It can also be used in playing the regular session of the slot game, and it also has the similar function. When all the reels stopped, the player can easily make a winning combination and can also result to the activation of the Bonus Round. But always remember that this button is only a distinctive feature that allows the player to stop the spinning reel, but without this, the slot machine automatically will stop on its own.


Autoplay is another feature present in this game. This is a feature that allows the slot machine to start playing automatically for a few numbers of spins. From Autoplay menu, the player can choose how many spins he wants to play automatically. Then, just click the “Start” button to begin playing.