Saints and Sinners Bingo Review

No, Saints and Sinners Bingo is not an online bingo hall or even an online bingo client. It is in fact a PC game in the truest sense of the word. It is meant to be played in single player mode, and no, you should not roll your eyes at it: it is in fact quite successful at taking the game of bingo to an entirely new, different and much more engaging level. Anyone who has ever played this game won’t ever look at the game of bingo the same way again.

In fact, it is safe to say that if you decide to play Saints and Sinners Bingo, you will play the best bingo game of your life. Sure, the game is based on the theme of bingo but there is a lot more to it: there is actually strategy, cunning and foresight required in the game.

Saints and Sinners Bingo has the player traveling between several different bingo venues (there are exactly 20 such venues in the game), where he or she will go up against a selection of colorful characters, trying to beat them at the game. The strategy element is introduced via the Lucky charms which players can acquire by trading for them, by winning them or by simply purchasing them. These Lucky charms can then be used to guarantee that a given number will be drawn or to distract the opponents, The player has a fundamental choice to make through the game: he can either play his way from the East Coast to the West Coast the saint way, or he can do it the sinner way.

The graphics of the game are more than decent and there is plenty of detail from just about every angle. The sounds could be a little better, but overall gameplay is as good as it can possibly be in a PC game based on bingo.

Free bingo is a relatively new phenomenon, but it has proved extraordinarily successful. Not only does the concept offer players new to the game the opportunity to try their hands before they have to make any deposits, but it also offers them the huge potential for winnings. Given that the rakeback in online poker varies dependent on the provider, game and competition rules, the very fact that no money is deposited by the player in a game of free bingo means that, in essence, the rakeback in such a game is 100 percent!

Naturally, in paying bingo there is no free bonus as a given. The bingo house makes profits from card sales and returns on its side games and instants, the like of which have been developed to a staggering degree in recent years. Bingo providers now offer games as diverse as any on the sites of traditional online casinos, usually drawing in players with wacky titles such as Cleopatra Slots and Happy Mushroom. It is this continuing variance that has spelled the recent success of free bingo emporiums.

This drive and success has seen a plethora of new sites appear, thus continuing the growth of the industry. Just as rakeback brings poker players back to the table, free games – often with increasing or progressive jackpots – and redemptive bonus or reward points draw customers back to their favourite online bingo provider. As sites grow and bonuses increase, the bingo houses can offer greater and greater jackpots, thus ensuring that their customers return.